Investing In Oil Wells

Investing In Oil Wells For more than a century, oil has been the primary source of heat energy. During this time, significant progress has been made in the way it is used, from being used as fuel for lamps to becoming the primary source of mobility worldwide. It has become an invaluable resource during wars […]

Why do we need crude oil?

Reasons We Need Crude Oil Petroleum is a liquid substance at normal temperature and pressure conditions, it varies in color from deep black to light green or clear in its lighter forms. It is a set of complex chemical compounds, where the main composition is dominated by the elements hydrogen and carbon, in addition to […]

Permian Basin

Permian Basin Also known as the West Texas basin, the Permian Basin is an expansive sedimentary area which is renowned for its rich potassium and fossil fuel deposits. Given its importance, it has become one of the most analyzed sedimentary basins in the world. Where is Permian Basin The Permian basin is located in the […]

Natural Gas Facts

Natural Gas Facts Natural gas is the gas produced by oil and natural gas wells that comes from reservoirs beneath the surface of the earth. Just as the crude oil produced by a well must be refined, natural gas must also be processed before it can be used by consumers.  One significant difference between the […]

Crude Oil Facts

  Crude Oil Facts Oil is a hydrocarbon. It is made up of hydrogen and carbon atoms bonded together.  Crude oil contains many different kinds of hydrocarbons of which some are gaseous, many are liquid, and usually there are some residual solid hydrocarbons. These different hydrocarbons all have distinct boiling points, so they can be […]