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Permian Basin Investments

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Texlark Exploration Co., Inc. was founded in 1979 for the purpose of discovering and developing onshore oil and natural gas properties. As an independent oil and gas company, our primary focus is on acquiring and developing oil and gas reserves while minimizing the associated business risks inherent in the industry.  To this end, Texlark actively pursues multi-pay developmental drilling projects which offer the potential of steady, long-term production streams in order to maximize financial returns.

While Texlark was an oil and gas operator between 1980 and 2003, currently it acts as an issuer for its affiliated operator Ampak Oil Company (#020463).  Ampak has been a Texas Railroad Commission operator (#020463) since 1988.  Ampak is experienced in drilling, completing, equipping, producing and operating vertical, directional and horizontal oil and gas wells.

Texlark is aggressively searching for select drilling and producing opportunities in the state of Texas.  While we would like our affiliate Ampak to operate the properties, we currently own non-operating interest in oil and gas wells and we will be open to participating as a non-operating partner in high-grade prospects in the future. If you would like additional information about our current prospects or would like us to contact you with current investment opportunities please use the contact form and we will gladly reach out to you with the information you are requesting.

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Investing In The Permian Basin

In spite of oil prices bordering on catastrophically low levels, one area of the Texas oil landscape has barely shown signs of a slowdown in production. Oilfield traffic, although diminished, is still moving at a brisk pace. The largest of the shale-oil regions that helped propel the U.S. energy boom, the Permian Basin, shows constant […]

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Investing In Oil Now

History Repeats Itself – Investing in Oil Today In the oil industry, over the last forty plus years, the one thing that has not been in short supply in the oil patch is the boom and the bust. In October of 1970 oil was as low as $19.92. Ten years later, in May of 1980 […]

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Oil and Gas Exploration

Oil and natural gas are a crucial part of the world economy. Oil, natural gas, and their byproducts like propane and butane are collectively called hydrocarbons. Differences in carbon atoms and in the bonds between atoms give the various hydrocarbons their distinct qualities. Hydrocarbons are found largely beneath the surface of the earth. They were […]

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